Sunday, June 21, 2009


It's Freaking Alex Stupak!!!
Okay so I've watched the Chocolate Battle of Iron Chef America twice this weekend and I can't get over the episode because of two things: no.1 IT'S A CHOCOLATE BATTLE and no. 2, CHEF ALEX STUPAK, pastry chef extraordinaire from WD~ 50, a restaurant in the lower east side New York.

chef Alex at work (from here)
So I was gushing all the time in my twitter account about how awesome (and gorgeous) chef Alex is and that he defeated Iron Chef Kat Cora in the kitchen battle when I saw his reply to my tweet! I am beyond happy! I am a fan of his dishes and I dream of eating some of his masterpieces soon (NYU here I come!!!) I am so ecstatic! He replied. He freaking replied!

Thanks Twitter for being such a good friend!

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