Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh Politicos.

I am no expert in Politics. I have to let my brother translate some of the things to me most of the time or read something about it at Ricky Carandang's or Manuel Quezon III's blog to comprehend things. Today (or tonight) as you all know, is the Constitutional Assembly night. Apparently the congress is now lobbying the move and are willing to do an all- nighter on this shit.

Why the sudden rush? We still have few more months to the next election. Why won't this current administration just shut the hell up and make the election push through? It's sad that the politicians are only thinking about themselves and not the country they are supposed to be serving. It's sad that I used to hope that this administration will make a difference, but it is failing tragically. There are so many things to decide upon before this session ends. They should probably focus on the things that this country will make use of and need, like education. Can't they see that a lot of kids are having a hard time in their schools? That most of them do not have their own seats and tables? That they have to go home at 6pm (even if they are too young to be going home at that time) just to attend classes? That some of the schools are rejecting students because of the overloading in classrooms? This is just one of the issues this government needs to address and not some constitutional shit they are doing tonight. Not some sex videos they use for publicity.

I feel bad that we're finally seeing the demise of this country.

Oh yeah, just about less than five minutes, the congress has approved the Con- Ass.
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