Monday, June 8, 2009

Maga- Holic!

I am Angelique, and I am a Maga- holic.

So I was scrimping in Eastwood awhile ago (with Ryan), letting go of nice pair of shoes I saw at the Eastwood Mall because I told myself that I need to save up. But when I got off LRT2 and went to Booksale at SM Sta. Mesa, I can't help but buy this month's Cosmopolitan (with Kristine Hermosa on the cover) and February 2009's Teen Vogue (Leighton Meester as cover girl) All my saving ended to spending and bought the magazines without batting an eyelash. What was I thinking?

today's purchases, June 2009 Cosmo (Kristine Hermosa) and Feb 2009 Teen Vogue (Leighton Meester)
I knew we always had magazines at home. My dad is subscribed to Newsweek so I'd always see magazines lying around the house. And although I was too young to understand things in Newsweek, I find the photos really nice and that kept me flipping the pages.

I remember my very first teenybopper magazine, it was Candy mag in October of 2000 with Maike Evers as the cover girl. I had to force my mom to buy it for me saying that it was my birthday and she can make it as a birthday gift for me. She bought the idea (and the magazine!) and the rest as they say is history. I bought the November issue (with Cheska Garcia on the cover) with my own money and made it a point to save up for the monthly issues. I think these two issues are so worn out now that some of the pages are already tearing. I read the issue over and over until the new one comes out and never lends them to anyone. I was a magazine O.C. I collected Candy until 2005 and felt the need to "grow- up." I moved on to Seventeen Philippines after. In between buying Seventeen and Candy, I also bought issues of Teen Vogue (I have the Gwen Stefani Premiere Issue!) which were really expensive, but I bought them anyways. I also bought issues of Meg Magazine (first one with Lucky Manzano on the cover) and some other international magazines like CosmoGirl! and Elle Girl.

My first ever magazine, Candy mag October 2000 (from
As I grew older, I moved on with more mature magazines like Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan ,and Marie Claire. And although my parents didn't want me to buy Cosmo ( I started reading it at 15! haha!) I can't stop reading it, even the articles on sex. I guess, it was Cosmo who taught me SexEd first. I started reading The New Yorker (because of Hiroshima of LitJrn) and Vanity Fair too.

I am sad that this year, Marie Claire and Seventeen Philippines had to close down. Whatver the reason, I think a big chunk of my magazine life is missing. I had to find other magazines that can fill their slots. On the other hand, I am happy that Cosmo seems like it is adapting a new lifestyle, less sexual content, more on what women needs. I think Cosmo can already do the trick.

the last of the Seventeen Philippines, one of their best covers and issues *sob*
(Leighton Meester, April 2009)

Without these magazines, I don't think I would be inspired to write (and thus, the choice of course and career) I don't think I would even think of writing and photography (and fashion and beauty and culture hehe!)

I may have spent (a lot!) money, but I gained knowledge with the environment I live in. Although they are mostly teen magazines, they showed me the life other teens live in. They don't just deal with fashion, beauty, and boys. They also have articles about relationships (family and friends), serious issues (pregnancy, depression etc.) which I won't probably take notice if not for these magazines. These magazines also help me take care of myself and see my worth as a person, most espcially as a girl to a woman.

So with all the (right) reasons I have, you cannot blame me if I am maga- holic, right?

I would love to have issues of Interview Magazine soon. Must save for that!


Frances said...

Oh my, I grew up with magazines all my life, too! Reader's Digest, Time and National Geographic. Then Cosmo US.

Yes, it's sad that Marie Claire and Seventeen are gone. Buy na lang OK! mag! =D

Angelique FP said...

Ms. Frances, I bought this month's issue of Ok! Magazine :D I'm starting with this one :D