Thursday, June 11, 2009

Do not.

If I have a choice today, I would really like to join the Anti- Con Ass rally awhile ago in Makati. I remember, when I used to have my internship at Hinge, I'd walk around Legazpi Village and end up in V.A. Rufino after my shift. If I were still having my OJT, I would have probably been there, singing, shouting, and getting pissed.

One of the protesters taking quote from the movie V for Vendetta (
I know, people who are really concerned about this issue spent time and effort to make this event possible and personally, I believe in the cause. But things like these would only become irritating when politicians put there vested interest in it. When they use it for their self- promotion. They are staining the real rationale behind this by parading themselves, doing wtfwasthat actions. I hate hearing politicians who speak as if they are speaking for the public. Come on, stop using the masa for your own sake. It's not funny anymore. I hate politicians who would always say "para sa masa" because whatever they do, I don't think all of it seem to benefit the people they consider masa. I Hate seeing their faces plastered on TV and newspapers, making pa- pogi. I was hoping they won't use the event for their own causes. I was not even there to judge, but with what I am hearing (bawang, again? wtf) it seemed like a circus all over again.

And what else pisses me off?

Those people who consumed spaces in the area without any knowledge, whatsoever, of what they are doing there. I won't be upset if they admit that they know little of the issue or if they went there, say to learn more about it. But if you tell that you go there to see artistas or politicians is a complete ass. You might as well could have just stayed at home and do your laundry than be there and end up being used by politicians for their own cause. What's scarier is that some of them (who knows how many) might have probably been paid to attend the rally which is really sick.

Please, I beg you.
Do not take this demonstrations as an opportunity to promote yourselves.
Do not make people stupid.
Do not take advantage of this pubic clamour for your own good.

Shit kayo.


Omi said...

Bawang - hehehehe

Angelique FP said...

hi Omi! hehe I know you're with his team, pero the bawang turns me off talaga. hehe :)