Sunday, June 21, 2009

Breakfast Dates

We're few hours away from Breakfast time (MLA Time: 2:07 a.m.) Most people consider breakfast as the most important meal of the day and one should consider eating a heavier meal on this time of the day. I rarely get to eat a full meal during breakfast time and I know that's bad. But consider living a life in the city. With no more time to prepare meals in the morning, most people would consider eating on the way (a.k.a. instant coffee) to avoid traffic rather than prepare a hearty meal for breakfast.

Given a choice, I would love to have a terrific breakfast meal. Not only that. I also dream of having a breakfast date. Although I would have probably said so many times that I prefer lunch dates over dinner dates, I guess by now I prefer breakfast dates over lunch dates. First, it will be sweet to start the day with someone you like and you guys sharing a hearty meal. Second, it'll be a huge sacrifice to allot time in your busy schedule for things like this. Sure, you have lunch breaks and dinner can come early or late, but breakfast? No. It has a steady time. And if you're going to an office, you have to really exert extra effort to wake up and prepare (or atleast look for a decent resto) the meals. Third, if you're not working and is used to waking up by noon time (guilty!) then it will be extremely hard to push your routine and wake up early.

But like how the saying goes, Love can move mountains. Consider bedsheet this time.

But if you are going to eat something like this for breakfast, I doubt that you'll stay longer in your bed though.

from Granny's, an all-day breakfast place in Owings Mills (from here)
What I love about this meal is that it has chicken and waffles. Waffles is the substitute for the usual sinangag (fried rice) which is a breakfast staple in the Philippines. The combination of sweet (waffle and strawberries) and salty (chicken) is something I like very much.

Croissant French Toast with Strawberries and Syrup (from here)
I love saying the word Croissant, but I love eating it more. This spells delicious all over it. I love strawberries and the fact that this food has lots of it makes it a winner! I can have a lot of this and might also consider eating it not just during breakfast.

Eggs Benedict (from here)
Who would not want eggs in their breakfast? This beautiful take on everybody's favourite eggs benedict is simply delectable. I also love to eat bacons or hams with egg. Add some orange juice and I'll be very happy!

Cinnamon Pancakes
Local fastfood chains have been serving pancakes for mass consumption, but none of them has given me the best yet. I like my pancakes thick and fluffy. I also love it with lots of maple syrup and creamy butter. Sometimes, bacons can be added to contrast the (extreme!) sweetness of this meal. Definitely, if your on a diet, stay away from my dream pancakes!

flat iron steak (from here)
OMG! If you know me well, you know that I am such a sucker for well cooked steak! Steak alone is awesome. But steak with fries is AWESOME-r. I can just imagine sinking my teeth in those juicy beef. Yummy!

My breakfast trip does not end here. Will look for more breakfast meals soon. Hay, will definitely wake up happy later! I wish I'd dream about this.

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