Sunday, June 28, 2009

Who's Complaining?

I've been staring at this interview transcript given to me by my boss for three days now. I don't know where or how to start this article about this big company honcho, but I know I should finish it on or before Tuesday. But with all the other things I have to do, (fix things for the publication where I am now acting as the Associate Editor, tons of readings, and a lifestyle article for specialized writing class) do you think I'll still be able to sleep? With much interest in reading, how come I can't bring my self to read these hand outs given to us for class? I took a survey of the readings and found them really interesting, though some of it (actually four of them) are in Filipino. Two of them are about Philosophy (and I am thinking of how to translate them) written by Fr. Florentino and Hornedo. Two about Filipino Journalism, one about Literary Criticism, one about Plato and another is Section 24 of a Taxation book (which up until today, I still don't have any copy) Pretty much, with two paragraphs, I have summed up my life for almost two weeks.

But with full calendars and tons of reading, I am not complaining. :)
To be continued...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh Boy!

This boy and I would always, always have the easiest conversations ever since. I don't know why I am so at ease with him. Maybe because he's the only boy I've shared a really long friendship with (I was Grade one, he was Grade five when we became friends, or something like that). I've grown to be so comfortable with him that I can almost tell him everything.

I remember, it was in an English program we were both in. He was the only boy in this enrichment class and I was, well, a grade one. I knew I always wanted to talk to him, but the shy little me made talkative (so now) me disappointed. He remembered that I used to smile to him, even though I don't really smile (because I am not the smiley kid type) It was I think not until I was grade five (with the huge influx of texting) that I finally mustered up my courage to talk to him. And boy, he speaks good English. I think he's one of the reasons why I've always wanted English. He was a good motivation because with the love of language comes love with writing. Thus, I end up as a Journ. Hehe.

Unconsciously, he became the forerunner for what I now call the ideal "Who." He is smart and funny (although he says he's corny). It's a plus that I think he's cute and that he's not waaay taller or bigger than me. He smokes, which I find sexy (this is not even good there) and he's just unperfectly perfect.

I don't know, but I wanted to keep this "feeling" (if you would want to call it that way) a secret to him still. I fear that if ever I tell him, it might cause a dent in our friendship. More than anything, I don't want to lose a friend like him and I don't think I am ready to sacrifice what we have just for this like. He's one of those I can really talk to about everything and I am afraid that if I take a step further, we might be like what we are now.

Probably I'll just enjoy this first. Let's see where the time will take us. Wherever it is, I am already excited, together or not. :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

UST Confirms AH1- N1 Cases

The world's getting smaller and smaller as the virus reaches the confinements of UST. So there are confirmed cases in Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Nursing, and Engineering. Other unconfirmed reports are also saying that there is (or are) a victim of the dreaded disease at the College of Accountancy.

UST, though, has decided not to suspend classes in all colleges, but has suspended the classes of those who are in the St. Martin de Porres building (which houses Med and Nursing). Eng'g building has yet to confirm on how many days they will suspend the classes, but as of the moment, reports say that they'll only be suspending classes tomorrow.

I am quite scared that the virus might get to our building, St. Raymund, where Faculty of Arts and Letters (my faculty) and College of Commerce are found. Our building is right next to St. Martin de Porres and if unfateful events turn in the latter part of the week, I won't be surprised if they'll report victims in AB.

However, I am quite relieved that we still don't have any reports and that the ArtLets administration has not (yet) cancelled classes. Maybe if you're not like us, who are graduating batch of 2010, then you'll be pleased with the turn of events. But with us who are looking for ways on how to fit all of our requirements on schedule and pass them on time, suspension only equates to doom. Maybe you'll feel my indifference about the whole cancellation, but if you can only feel how this virus has caused burden to us, then, you'll probably understand my situation. Also, in the height of getting classes suspended, we might not be able to have our semestral breaks (since we need to catch up on days when we don't have classes) and Christmas breaks will also be lessen (BTW, our thesis is due before Christmas break, so yeah, good luck!) This might also mean that we will not be graduating on time, which really sucks.

What I noticed about UST also is that unlike other schools who conduct temperature check on students upon entering the building, I don't seem to see any of these in buildings. We do have stations however where students can have free check up. But what if they reported it way later and that he or she has already passed the virus to others? Maybe, students should also be more responsible towards their health. Like what they said (and has continually reminded us) if you are already feeling symptoms of the disease, it is advisable that you need not attend classes so as not to spread the virus.

Also, I find it a bit amusing that people keep on posting really stupid remarks at the CSC website. C'mon, things like this are not to be joked about. Be smart, Thomasians.

Let's just hope that things will not be worsen in the coming days. Be responsible and stay safe.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


It's Freaking Alex Stupak!!!
Okay so I've watched the Chocolate Battle of Iron Chef America twice this weekend and I can't get over the episode because of two things: no.1 IT'S A CHOCOLATE BATTLE and no. 2, CHEF ALEX STUPAK, pastry chef extraordinaire from WD~ 50, a restaurant in the lower east side New York.

chef Alex at work (from here)
So I was gushing all the time in my twitter account about how awesome (and gorgeous) chef Alex is and that he defeated Iron Chef Kat Cora in the kitchen battle when I saw his reply to my tweet! I am beyond happy! I am a fan of his dishes and I dream of eating some of his masterpieces soon (NYU here I come!!!) I am so ecstatic! He replied. He freaking replied!

Thanks Twitter for being such a good friend!

Breakfast Dates

We're few hours away from Breakfast time (MLA Time: 2:07 a.m.) Most people consider breakfast as the most important meal of the day and one should consider eating a heavier meal on this time of the day. I rarely get to eat a full meal during breakfast time and I know that's bad. But consider living a life in the city. With no more time to prepare meals in the morning, most people would consider eating on the way (a.k.a. instant coffee) to avoid traffic rather than prepare a hearty meal for breakfast.

Given a choice, I would love to have a terrific breakfast meal. Not only that. I also dream of having a breakfast date. Although I would have probably said so many times that I prefer lunch dates over dinner dates, I guess by now I prefer breakfast dates over lunch dates. First, it will be sweet to start the day with someone you like and you guys sharing a hearty meal. Second, it'll be a huge sacrifice to allot time in your busy schedule for things like this. Sure, you have lunch breaks and dinner can come early or late, but breakfast? No. It has a steady time. And if you're going to an office, you have to really exert extra effort to wake up and prepare (or atleast look for a decent resto) the meals. Third, if you're not working and is used to waking up by noon time (guilty!) then it will be extremely hard to push your routine and wake up early.

But like how the saying goes, Love can move mountains. Consider bedsheet this time.

But if you are going to eat something like this for breakfast, I doubt that you'll stay longer in your bed though.

from Granny's, an all-day breakfast place in Owings Mills (from here)
What I love about this meal is that it has chicken and waffles. Waffles is the substitute for the usual sinangag (fried rice) which is a breakfast staple in the Philippines. The combination of sweet (waffle and strawberries) and salty (chicken) is something I like very much.

Croissant French Toast with Strawberries and Syrup (from here)
I love saying the word Croissant, but I love eating it more. This spells delicious all over it. I love strawberries and the fact that this food has lots of it makes it a winner! I can have a lot of this and might also consider eating it not just during breakfast.

Eggs Benedict (from here)
Who would not want eggs in their breakfast? This beautiful take on everybody's favourite eggs benedict is simply delectable. I also love to eat bacons or hams with egg. Add some orange juice and I'll be very happy!

Cinnamon Pancakes
Local fastfood chains have been serving pancakes for mass consumption, but none of them has given me the best yet. I like my pancakes thick and fluffy. I also love it with lots of maple syrup and creamy butter. Sometimes, bacons can be added to contrast the (extreme!) sweetness of this meal. Definitely, if your on a diet, stay away from my dream pancakes!

flat iron steak (from here)
OMG! If you know me well, you know that I am such a sucker for well cooked steak! Steak alone is awesome. But steak with fries is AWESOME-r. I can just imagine sinking my teeth in those juicy beef. Yummy!

My breakfast trip does not end here. Will look for more breakfast meals soon. Hay, will definitely wake up happy later! I wish I'd dream about this.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Something Borrowed

If there's one thing I really hate doing, it'll probably be borrowing.

When I was younger, Mama would always tell us to as much as possible, refrain from borrowing things from other people. That's why she makes sure that we have our own things at hand and we have enough supplies of everything we need. I remember her buying bulks of everything so we have extras if we need them.

I think this is one of the attitudes that I happily imbibe up until this day. Most people know me to have everything they need. I carry big bags most of the time since I have a lot of small purses in them, one for toiletries and meds, another for emergency bobbie pins and other beauty related concerns, and another for school supplies like staplers, staple wires, paper clips etc. I already left one purse at home. That one includes emergency sewing materials. I think this attitude saves me from the hassle of asking people around since I know I have them with me. Whenever I don't lug around my usual carry- all, I would make sure to put all my necessities in one purse and I am off to go. So you would rarely hear me asking for things because I almost have all the things I need with me. And really, I hate, hate saying the word "Pahiram."

Aside from being the "ever ready" girl, I think I also have a pretty decent collection of almost any good, hard to find materials. I have this thing of liking things that are usually not found anywhere so when someone learns I have this or that, and they find it really interesting, they would often ask me if they can borrow it.

And this is where the problem comes in.

Actually, I do have problems with entrusting my things to other people. I only lend them to people I know and I trust that he can take care of it. Maybe because I have encountered a lot of bad experiences with people borrowing my things. One time, I had someone borrowed a magazine from me the entire day because she said she loves Avril Lavigne (which was featured in the magazine.) At the end of the day, when it was returned to me, I found out that few pages were missing and that made me cry (babaw, but true). Another time, I had some people borrowing my books and when it came back to me it had some freaking stains, and it smells really awful. I love that book so much, but I can't stand the smell. And just recently I found out some of my CD's and books are missing I had to do a "book- hunt" operation to locate them. Finally some people turned them up, thank God.

You see, I have this fear of not being able to take care of things I borrow from people that's why I make sure that instead of borrowing, I would save up and invest in them. I hope people will realize that I am not selfish, I just love to take care of my things. And if they have problems with that, they might as well forget borrowing from me. If a person entrusts you with something, remember that it entails responsibility and trust so use them carefully. Don't act as if those things are yours. And please, return them on time and in the same good state like when it was first lent to you.

Friday, June 19, 2009

SSS: Some School Stuff

School started despite the AH1-N1 pandemic. UST does not seem to register any victims yet and I hope it will remain that way.

It's nice to see most of the people and there are some that I really cannot stand, but I have to see them and eventually get over with this year. If you don't know, I am in my last year now and I am trying to savour the last (sweet) moments of school before the real world kicks in.

Most of my classes this week did not end on time, hence, my friends and I ended up chatting most of the time. And most of the things have not changed. There are still those people who we just wanted to get rid of- some really annoying ones testing our patience. There are some whom we liked, but at the course of the vacation period and OJT went to personality 0.

But I bet, this year we'll be posed with more responsibilities since we are the leader of the pack. Just like today (since it's technically June 20) I'll have a meeting with a future publication that I'll be handling this year. And it seems like our predecessors do not really trust us since they gave pretty lame reasons why the publication might no longer exist. What the heck? They're out of the school, working their ass off in some publication, so why bother? If they were not able to release some copies last year, well what makes them think that we would do the same mistakes this year?

Someone who was a part of the editorial team last year talked to me awhile ago asking if I would give my full support to this year's publication if he decides to push through with the release. I told him that I would because of my much love with the publication (not just because I need it for my credentials) and that I have been waiting to handle things like this, just give the chance.

So everything else is still in the works. If you're a Journ student and interested with what I am talking about (because you should be) wait up for further announcements. Will try to finalize everything as soon as possible.

For now, I'll finish a "project"

Friday, June 12, 2009

My (future) Space

I want to work as soon as possible after studying. I promise myself to not be a slacker come graduation and find myself a decent job because I have so many plans with my life. I know, I am expecting a bit too much about my future, but I think these big goals will keep me on my toes and work harder when I officially start working.

Aside from getting my own car (a toss up between Honda Jazz or Subaru Impreza), I'd also like to have my own place in the metro. Mama told me she plans to get out of Manila after I study college so there's a possibility that we might leave our house after school. We would probably live now on our own. The thought makes me nervous and excited at the same time. Nervous because I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with the rent and the house (not good with housekeeping) and excited to finally live and buy stuff on my own It calls for more responsibility and responsibility is always welcome! :)

This month's Cosmopolitan Magazine was really helpful too. There's an article about it written by Zo Aguila (the ed- in- chief) about getting your own space. I also remember an article by Frances Amper- Sales (editor of Ok! Magazine) about her settling in her own place. I remember her stories about living in noodles and the pink couch. Saving up does not bother me. I know I can save up money, just don't shove me to piles of great books I can purchase.

I recently came across this site that featured a really awesome interior design of a fancy loft. This New York loft is definitely gorgeous. I think New York apartments have really nice feel to them. Remember Carrie Bradshaw's (of Sex and the City) apartment? Most of the NY apartments I see always have homey feeling in them.

Carrie's revamped apartment

The NY apartment is a work of art by an architect couple Solveig Fernlund and Neil Logan. The couple transformed a 19th- century industrial loft which they decorated with their eclectic collection of art- from china pieces to modern art decorations. The minimalism is also evident in the couple's nest. And quoting the article for this beautiful house, definitely "less is more."

Enough light to use natural sunlight in the morning (really good for the environment). The white/ grey interiors make the room look spacious and bright. The ceilings are high which I think is really good for a home. The pieces of furniture are a mix of vintage and modern, just the way I like it.

nice view!
I love how the window is placed above the bed. Great for rain watching, moon/ star gazing, and a great motivation to get out of bed for work, haha!

I'm not a fan of cooking, but if this is my kitchen, I'd be motivated to learn how to cook!

bright and neat.

Few more years and I'll be hanging out in my bright, bachelorette pad such as this. But I think I'll have to start fixing my room first!

for more design ideas and great homes, visit Loft Life

Dinner at Conti's

I love spontaneous dinner dates. It gives me freedom to try out new dishes and add more food in my favourite food list. I think I won't just be adding a new favourite meal, but an entire restaurant!

We fetched mama from the beautiful NAIA terminal 3 yesterday. The four of us were really hungry and it was still 5pm. Papa asked us where we want to go since we won't be going back to his office anymore. He suggested MOA, but we made a wrong turn and instead went straight to the way going to Fort Bonifacio. With all of the time in the world for anything fun, we decided to go to Serendra instead.

With the sun still up when we arrived, we decided to get few bites at Krispy Kreme since their light's on (you know what this means! Light on= free donuts!) And after some donuts (four of 'em free!) We decided to walk around Boni High Street and check out Market! Market! (Papa's craving for mall ambiance! haha)

With all of us really hungry and tired, we decided to go back to Serendra and have dinner at Conti's. I am not really a fan of fancy dinner with fancy table setting (fancy for me means having knives at the table) but I've always wanted to try Conti's because brother swears they have great food there. It did not take us a lot of time to get a table since we were there a bit earlier than others. We decided to eat outside, Al Fresco and ordered our meal for the night.

Mama sharing her travel stories while Kuya enjoys his bottomless Iced Tea.
Welcome Back Mama!
For starters, we ordered their Chicken Fingers. I've got to say, the best chicken fingers I've ever tasted. Not too salty. The breading is really right, not too stuffy. The chicken's really delicious, still juicy.

Yum Yum! Chicken Fingers! Almost finished here. Super delicious!
Papa got himslf the Grilled Ham sandwich saying he wasn't that hungry (because of the donuts he ate!)

Papa's Choice, a hefty serving of Grilled Ham Sandwich
Papa wasn't particularly fond of his order as he was expecting a sweeter ham, but he was full and ended up eating both the sandwiches. I took advantage of the chips at the side.

Mama got what makes Conti's famous, the Baked Salmon with Paella Rice. She was completely happy with how delicious her meal is. The Paella rice fits the baked salmon well and loved how they cooked the salmon to perfection. Really a must try!

a thumbs- up meal for Mama, Baked Salmon with Paella Rice

Kuya got his favourite, Roast Beef with Mashed Potatoes. With the servings enough for two, he finished all of it. The beef was tender and the sauce's just right. Mashed potatoes were delicious as well. And it looks really good too! (sorry, no photos. He was busy eating his meal!)

I ordered their Chicken Pastel. I've always been a fan of chicken meals (although I am allergic to it) and Chicken Pastel's one of my favourite chicken dishes. I've got to say, Conti's version is now my favourite version. First the sauce, really delicious! I almost finished it. Though I am not a fan of mushrooms, I still ended up eating them because of the sauce. The chicken were quite small, but I love it. It gels well with the delicious sauce. I think the Chicken Pastel will not be a bomb if not for the fantastic sauce. I've found my new favourite dish! :) The meal is served with the equally delicious Garlic rice. I was thinking of getting a Paella rice also, but I changed the last minute.

all mine! Conti's Chicken Pastel with Garlic rice is a must try!
With really filled up stomachs, we hardly have enough space for deserts so we opted not to have one instead. (too bad! Conti's so popular with deserts!) but with so much satisfaction, we promise to go back and try more dishes at Conti's. It has now become one of our favourite restos. Good thing they have a branch in Connecticut, Greenhills. We won't have to travel all the way to BGC to sample more of their fantastic meals.

visit Conti's at any of the following locations:

Parañaque: 61 President Ave., BF Homes Commercial Center, Parañaque
Phone Number: (63 2) 850-5852, (63 2) 807-3388

Greenhills: 53 Connecticut St., Greenhills, San Juan
Phone Number: (63 2) 744-4184, (63 2) 744-4208

Serendra: 1C-17 Ground Level, Serendra Piazza, Mc Kinley Parkway, Fort Bonifacio
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila
Phone Number: (63 2) 856-2352 to 53, (63 922) 847-3005

TriNoma Mall: P1 Level TriNoma Mall EDSA cor. North Ave.,
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Phone Number: (63 2) 900-5013 to 15, (63 2) 943-1665;

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Do not.

If I have a choice today, I would really like to join the Anti- Con Ass rally awhile ago in Makati. I remember, when I used to have my internship at Hinge, I'd walk around Legazpi Village and end up in V.A. Rufino after my shift. If I were still having my OJT, I would have probably been there, singing, shouting, and getting pissed.

One of the protesters taking quote from the movie V for Vendetta (
I know, people who are really concerned about this issue spent time and effort to make this event possible and personally, I believe in the cause. But things like these would only become irritating when politicians put there vested interest in it. When they use it for their self- promotion. They are staining the real rationale behind this by parading themselves, doing wtfwasthat actions. I hate hearing politicians who speak as if they are speaking for the public. Come on, stop using the masa for your own sake. It's not funny anymore. I hate politicians who would always say "para sa masa" because whatever they do, I don't think all of it seem to benefit the people they consider masa. I Hate seeing their faces plastered on TV and newspapers, making pa- pogi. I was hoping they won't use the event for their own causes. I was not even there to judge, but with what I am hearing (bawang, again? wtf) it seemed like a circus all over again.

And what else pisses me off?

Those people who consumed spaces in the area without any knowledge, whatsoever, of what they are doing there. I won't be upset if they admit that they know little of the issue or if they went there, say to learn more about it. But if you tell that you go there to see artistas or politicians is a complete ass. You might as well could have just stayed at home and do your laundry than be there and end up being used by politicians for their own cause. What's scarier is that some of them (who knows how many) might have probably been paid to attend the rally which is really sick.

Please, I beg you.
Do not take this demonstrations as an opportunity to promote yourselves.
Do not make people stupid.
Do not take advantage of this pubic clamour for your own good.

Shit kayo.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Maga- Holic!

I am Angelique, and I am a Maga- holic.

So I was scrimping in Eastwood awhile ago (with Ryan), letting go of nice pair of shoes I saw at the Eastwood Mall because I told myself that I need to save up. But when I got off LRT2 and went to Booksale at SM Sta. Mesa, I can't help but buy this month's Cosmopolitan (with Kristine Hermosa on the cover) and February 2009's Teen Vogue (Leighton Meester as cover girl) All my saving ended to spending and bought the magazines without batting an eyelash. What was I thinking?

today's purchases, June 2009 Cosmo (Kristine Hermosa) and Feb 2009 Teen Vogue (Leighton Meester)
I knew we always had magazines at home. My dad is subscribed to Newsweek so I'd always see magazines lying around the house. And although I was too young to understand things in Newsweek, I find the photos really nice and that kept me flipping the pages.

I remember my very first teenybopper magazine, it was Candy mag in October of 2000 with Maike Evers as the cover girl. I had to force my mom to buy it for me saying that it was my birthday and she can make it as a birthday gift for me. She bought the idea (and the magazine!) and the rest as they say is history. I bought the November issue (with Cheska Garcia on the cover) with my own money and made it a point to save up for the monthly issues. I think these two issues are so worn out now that some of the pages are already tearing. I read the issue over and over until the new one comes out and never lends them to anyone. I was a magazine O.C. I collected Candy until 2005 and felt the need to "grow- up." I moved on to Seventeen Philippines after. In between buying Seventeen and Candy, I also bought issues of Teen Vogue (I have the Gwen Stefani Premiere Issue!) which were really expensive, but I bought them anyways. I also bought issues of Meg Magazine (first one with Lucky Manzano on the cover) and some other international magazines like CosmoGirl! and Elle Girl.

My first ever magazine, Candy mag October 2000 (from
As I grew older, I moved on with more mature magazines like Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan ,and Marie Claire. And although my parents didn't want me to buy Cosmo ( I started reading it at 15! haha!) I can't stop reading it, even the articles on sex. I guess, it was Cosmo who taught me SexEd first. I started reading The New Yorker (because of Hiroshima of LitJrn) and Vanity Fair too.

I am sad that this year, Marie Claire and Seventeen Philippines had to close down. Whatver the reason, I think a big chunk of my magazine life is missing. I had to find other magazines that can fill their slots. On the other hand, I am happy that Cosmo seems like it is adapting a new lifestyle, less sexual content, more on what women needs. I think Cosmo can already do the trick.

the last of the Seventeen Philippines, one of their best covers and issues *sob*
(Leighton Meester, April 2009)

Without these magazines, I don't think I would be inspired to write (and thus, the choice of course and career) I don't think I would even think of writing and photography (and fashion and beauty and culture hehe!)

I may have spent (a lot!) money, but I gained knowledge with the environment I live in. Although they are mostly teen magazines, they showed me the life other teens live in. They don't just deal with fashion, beauty, and boys. They also have articles about relationships (family and friends), serious issues (pregnancy, depression etc.) which I won't probably take notice if not for these magazines. These magazines also help me take care of myself and see my worth as a person, most espcially as a girl to a woman.

So with all the (right) reasons I have, you cannot blame me if I am maga- holic, right?

I would love to have issues of Interview Magazine soon. Must save for that!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Something to do with your Load

I've always wanted to commit myself to various social causes, but haven't found the time to help out. I know, if you really want to help out, you should always find time to do anything for it. But believe me, I've tried.

Earlier this year, ABS- CBN Foundation launched a new project called, Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig. Watching how the foundation planned to restore the old glory of Pasig, I was impressed with their plans that I promised myself to help in whatever means that I can because I wanted to see Pasig in its cleanest state. You see, I've experienced going around Pasig through the ferries (which extends from Manila all the way to Pasig). I see it as a very effective means of transportation and a lot of people will benefit from it. Aside from that, I would want to experience how it is to have a clean river in a city, like the ones they have abroad. Also, I think we should start saving our environment now. There is no other better time to clean and save Earth than now and what better way to start it is to help clean what is nearer and what is already with us, by that, we should start with cleaning the metro.

Pasig River Rehabilitation Project by Urban Planner, Jun Palafox (from Ilog Mo, Ipatrol Mo)
I am very happy that the foundation made the donations more accessible to people like me who might not be able to donate as much, but are more than willing to help. With texting, we have the option to make it a point to text as much as we want every day and make it a habit to send donations in the easiest way.

So instead of sending useless quotes or texting whatever, I suggest you use some of your credits to help save Ilog Pasig. Please text:
GIVE [space] ILOG to 231 for Smart and Talk n Text subscribers, and to 2366 for Globe and Sun Cellular Subscribers
If you have more than enough money, they are also accepting donations: “Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig” Banco de Oro Account Number 393-0078222. Sct. Albano Branch.

Let's all make this cause a success. Let's all make this dream a reality.

for more information, visit their site

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Start, not.

I don't know why I am super excited to go to school this year. Maybe because it's my last year in an academic institution (if I decide to teach or take up Masters, then it's the last, for now) or the thought of going home at 9pm makes me feel grown up-py or the thought that I am excited to go to work (so many ORs). I don't know. But I am counting the days 'til we start this year's first sem. I am a bit disappointed that there is a possibility that we might start later this month because of the AH1- N1 threat. Our school has decided to postponed the start of the classes to 10 days later to prevent the spread of the virus. Maybe they got scared that we might end up like La Salle, which just reported two cases of AH1- N1 victims. The new one got hers from her room mate who is a foreign student.

What's scarier is that the World Health Organization (WHO) might declare a worldwide pandemic 6 because of the increasing number of victims. We don't know, the people we meet with cough or colds could probably have that disease without us knowing it. I am already scared of seeing people wearing masks because it means it's already spreading and it's getting worse that we have to put masks to protect ourselves.

Probably the best thing to do now is to do a huge amount of prevention. Go back to the wash our hands (as long as the Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star times 2?) and keep our surroundings clean. Carry alcohol. Show some manners, cover your mouth with handkerchief (or tissue probably so you can dispose it immediately) when you cough or sneeze. Here are some other things you can do according to WHO:
  • avoid touching your mouth and nose;
  • clean hands thoroughly with soap and water, or cleanse them with an alcohol-based hand rub on a regular basis (especially if touching the mouth and nose, or surfaces that are potentially contaminated);
  • avoid close contact with people who might be ill;
  • reduce the time spent in crowded settings if possible;
  • improve airflow in your living space by opening windows;
  • practise good health habits including adequate sleep, eating nutritious food, and keeping physically active.
for more updates and how to's, visit WHO website

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh Politicos.

I am no expert in Politics. I have to let my brother translate some of the things to me most of the time or read something about it at Ricky Carandang's or Manuel Quezon III's blog to comprehend things. Today (or tonight) as you all know, is the Constitutional Assembly night. Apparently the congress is now lobbying the move and are willing to do an all- nighter on this shit.

Why the sudden rush? We still have few more months to the next election. Why won't this current administration just shut the hell up and make the election push through? It's sad that the politicians are only thinking about themselves and not the country they are supposed to be serving. It's sad that I used to hope that this administration will make a difference, but it is failing tragically. There are so many things to decide upon before this session ends. They should probably focus on the things that this country will make use of and need, like education. Can't they see that a lot of kids are having a hard time in their schools? That most of them do not have their own seats and tables? That they have to go home at 6pm (even if they are too young to be going home at that time) just to attend classes? That some of the schools are rejecting students because of the overloading in classrooms? This is just one of the issues this government needs to address and not some constitutional shit they are doing tonight. Not some sex videos they use for publicity.

I feel bad that we're finally seeing the demise of this country.

Oh yeah, just about less than five minutes, the congress has approved the Con- Ass.

This was my Summer

*this is my internship essay. I was toying the idea of writing about magazine work and I think my experience will do.

I have always looked forward to internship. Aside for the reason that I can have an excuse to go out and ask money every day, I have always wanted to experience how it is when you work in the real world. I was expecting too much and gladly, I was not disappointed.

Sure, it was an easy task for me to find companies for internship. Unlike others who submitted tons and tons of their résumés to different companies, I, on the other hand, picked only a few. I never had a hard time picking which companies I will apply to since I already know which of them I would most likely to work with and the kind of job I would want to do this summer. I am happy to say that in almost all companies I applied to, I was accepted in majority of them, but I had to only pick one or two for the internship. I chose Hinge- Inquirer Publications (HIP).

For those who do not know HIP, it is the magazine division of Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI), one of the leading broadsheets in the metro. I chose this company for two reasons, number one, I wanted to work with PDI, but I know I cannot handle doing hard news. Reason number two is that I wanted to work with magazine. Ever since I was a kid, we were already exposed with this kind of print medium (with my father subscribing to Newsweek ever since) so I guess it will come naturally to me to like magazines. Actually, HIP is one of the last companies I submitted to, but it was the first company to hire me, so I am lucky.

I started my internship last March 23, 2009. Unlike most of my batch mates who were still planning things to do with their summer before they start OJT, there I was sitting in my office space, typing articles away for a 5-6 p.m. deadline. But I was not complaining. I really wanted to start my OJT at once so I can finish early and look for other companies where I can also intern to. But I decided not to transfer anywhere else. I am contented with I am already doing at HIP. Like most first- day rituals, one of my mentors, Ms. Lianne Padilla, HIP’s Editorial Supervisor gave me HIP in a nutshell. She explained policies and system before she assigned me to my other two mentors, Ms. Eva Gubat and Ms. Racquel Valencia, Executive Editor and Editorial Assistant of Freezines, respectively. Being assigned to Freezines, I will be the Editorial Assistant’s Editorial Assistant. This magazine division of HIP handles the free magazines given to the residents of two of Makati’s most posh residences, Forbes Park and Dasmariñas Village.

So for about a month or so, I am handling a lot of writing tasks, talking to big people, calling huge companies, attending product launches and press conferences and a lot of perks in the side. It might seem all glamourous and it may look like I am living “the life,” but I am not. Amongst the glitz and glamour is hard work. Being in a magazine, that releases its issue every month, we also had to follow strict deadlines. Writing for the class A of the society gives more pressure since they give much importance to their image and status. Although most of my interviewees were more than nice people, I still have to make a very good article about them without seeming like glorifying them. And dealing with them, although I get star struck at times, I must always remember to keep my cool. Also, lifestyle magazine also calls for hobnobbing with best of society, but there is more to them than their fame and riches. I learned that these people are also like us. They have dreams, they have flaws, and they have everything we all have so there is no way that we should treat them differently. In a business like magazine, it is important to show respect to whoever you meet. Dealing with people, your patience will also be tested. Also, you may seem to be buddies with your boss, but there are times you must get serious and get working. There is a time for play and time for work.

All of these things, I am happy that I learned them throughout my stay in HIP. I am happy I did not waste my summer on any other publication that will make me go to places, make me ask to do things, and not appreciate my work. I am happy to work with the most wonderful and talented people I have known. I am happy that they made me ready for the world I will be dealing with in the next few months. I am very grateful for the internship experience. This experience is truly an unforgettable one.