Sunday, May 24, 2009

Social Networks

I think I've had enough of Social Networking sites that I am planning on doing some Spring cleaning. I wanted to delete some of my accounts after discovering several things:
  1. My old Y!M account has been sending really off messages and they are really embarrassing. But I already remedied it (I think) after I sent apologies to my new and former contacts. I hope they understood that I have a new one, and that since I am no longer using it, they might as well delete it na. Sadly, some stupid people don't get the idea of apologies. Stupid. Stupid.
  2. I am getting tired of receiving notifications from several social networking sites I signed up to when I was still new to internet. Understand that I was only 14 (I think, again) and I am not so sure about those stuff so yeah, I signed up for almost everything and I regret it. I had to make new e- mail addresses to escape all the notifications.
  3. I hate, hate, hate reading spams. Friendster has a lot of these stuff, from comments to personal messages. If only I have no treasured memories in my Friendster accounts, I would have probably deleted them.
  4. Remember when Facebook was still cool? Well, not anymore. It has become Friendster part deux. People taking so many quizzes (guilty, but I noticed that it's getting a bit annoying answering shit) and all the freaking applications. Advice: Stop inviting people to random apps because dude, if they don't have it in their accounts, they probably don't like it, don't you think?
  5. I have been a bit tolerable with my Multiply account adding strangers. They do not have to actually add me because everything there is for everyone. But I recently started declining requests from people I barely know. I am about to delete people from my list also. My contacts page is getting a bit cluttered.
I will be deleting whatever Social Networking sites that I have which I no longer update. For everything else, there's always e-mail.

I only have facebook, twitter, multiply, and this friendster.
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