Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Couch Potato

I admit. I'm a TV addict. I can sit all day as long as I have a TV set in front of me. TV is one of those things that can make me truly happy. I think my pure love with television came from my dad's influence. Being a TV (set) addict, we were exposed early on with nice TV sets. We're the type of family that would buy TV sets for every room in the house. We could watch everything from Telenovelas, documentaries, series, everything! It's crazy just remembering all those days when we would all sit down and watch a show as family. We would take about it, debate about the show. We were really "involved" with what we are watching.

But as we grew older, our personal tastes changed too. With our diverse choices of TV shows, sometimes it's hard for us to watch same shows we would ALL enjoy. But my brother and I remain as TV buddies. We enjoy same shows we discover. And with the help of the internet (thank god for 'net!) we get to watch series that have not yet set foot in the Philippines. Here are two shows we enjoy watching recently:

GLEE (Fox Broadcasting Company)

The moment I started watching this show, I can't help but feel Glee! (cheesy, much?) A friend told me about this show about a week ago and he gave me the link where I can watch this show online since it is not yet shown here in the Philippines. They had the pilot ep (sort of a preview of the show) last May 19 after the American Idol episode. It is about a show choir (a.k.a. Glee Club) with the "losers" of the school as the members. The club is under a once "golden boy" teacher, Mr. Schuester, who is also struggling with his personal dilemmas in life. So will this "sub- basement" of the school caste system make it to the top? Well that's something we will have to wait for the Fall season as the next episode will be shown at the latter part of the year. (boo!)

Must watch out for their fantastic numbers like this one by the HS cast:

Singing "Don't Stop Believing" as sure LSS

and this cutie:
Cory Monteith as Finn
Something to look forward to! :)

Another good show is Big Bang Theory (CBS)

Hooray for geeks! This show has been making great waves with its science- infused storyline and witty nerdy dialogues! Of course, a lot of you may have already watched this as it is on its second season at this minute, but if you haven't check out this article that will tell everything about the show in a nutshell. :)

Meet the geeks and the girl

Sheldon, Leonard (♥) Penny, Harold, and Raj

my favourite geek Leonard (Johnny Galecki) :)
So these are two of my favourite shows this summer. Don't forget to add these shows in your own viewing lists :)
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