Sunday, May 24, 2009

All about the Hair

Oh great hair! A bit brown and not too messy here
I was one of them who totally swore not to let hair treatments get in my hair. I've always been admired for having thick and deep, jet black hair and although sometimes I am really annoyed with it, I am thankful that I have a fairly easy to manage one, thanks to my dad's genes. Though I never really paid attention to my hair (I am not one of those comb toting girls), I never really encountered any severe problems with it.

Lately, with the weather really getting annoying and my skin being a retard all the time, I made it a point to have my hair cut before it reaches my shoulders. I am very happy to be keeping that tradition as I always have my haircut almost every three months.

And then this happened. My mom treated me to hair treatments last October. I was a bit apprehensive about the idea since I know I might not be able to take care of it and the fact that hair treatments need a lot home care. But I gave in and got myself a really nice hair cellophane. My hair turned a bit brown (good bye black hair!) I also had my hair relaxed (although I do not really need it much, just to get the stray hairs behaved) and really straight hair cut, kind of reminiscent to Nicole Richie's. I've always wanted to sport her hair so I was really happy.

I asked the hair stylist how long will the cellophane treatment last and he told me that it will stay for at least three months. My light coloured hair looked way different from my black hair. It even made (or looked at least) skin lighter. But the worst of it was I can't tie my hair for weeks since I just had it relaxed. Horrors of horrors, I got really bad pimples that up until now, are still there (good bye clear skin!) I think I had some chemical reaction to the treatment OR my skin is really THAT sensitive.

My hair colour stayed beyond three months, but I saw the my roots coming out. My brown hair is turning black again, and I am not happy. I kind of liking my brown hair and I am really dying to get it dyed again.

And since my hair is getting longer now and I am getting pretty tired of it, I am also scheduling a haircut this month. I am in the process of looking for some funky haircuts over the net and this is what I have seen so far

I saw this and fell in love (sort of) with it.
It's a new take to the now very famous bob cuts. Really nice bangs, asymmetrical. The length's not the type that will poke your eyes if styled well (but I know it will, haha!) The long back is also great, since I am tired of the concave bob cuts (I was given this a couple of times already) and it has layered blunt cuts. Nice option one. But I am guessing this will look boyish on me.

This is a bit too short, I think. But if I were to go drastic, I'd probably go for this cut. It still has my basic elements, the side swept bangs and the blunt cuts. I am not sure if it's okay for thick hair, but I really love it.

This is Kahlen Rondot, former America's Next Top Model contestant. This girl is awesome, she can sport any hair cut. She can have long one and a short one and they all look great on her. This hair cut is very different since it has different length on the sides, the other one is shorter (her right side is). Bangs are okay too, I love it. And it not looks messy, even if it is. (photo: myspace)

Lastly, something from Little J! The first time I saw her hair in Gossip Girl, I completely adored it. I wanted a hair cut like hers and although I am not a fan of her character, that girl surely has a wicked sense of style!

I've noticed that the models of my dream haircuts are all blond. Should I also go blond? Haha, naah. :)
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