Saturday, May 30, 2009

Adventure in Rockwell!

Okay, so it was my first time in Rockwell last Monday.

I never really thought about going to Rockwell until recently when I found out that Details, one of the stores I am looking for has a store there. So I asked some of my friends who would be glad to accompany me to this adventure. Unfortunately, none of them are available for this trip except Ryan. So we braved Makati streets under the extreme heat just to go to Rockwell in the safest, most affordable way.

We met at UST before lunch and went to Quiapo to ride the PVP Liner (bus) going to Ayala. Completely clueless about the way, we decided that if we get lost, we'll just treat this as an adventure. On the way, we thought we're in a race with just few survival stuff at hand- his tortillas (which were yummy by the way), umbrella, fones and candies (lollipop). We forgot to buy water on the way so just imagine our thirst. Haha! We got off at Pasong Tamo, rode a Guadalupe Jeep and passed this over pass along EDSA at past 1 p.m. (so just imagine the unbearable sun rays we had to bear!) We got off the overpass and rode this Rockwell shuttle (costs P5.00/ person) and finally we reached Rockwell! :)

We went around the Archeology section and saw Suzy Abrera with her kids. Her kids were so cute! Walked past them to buy something from Team Manila. I was in the search of a perfect pair of shoes, but opted to buy this cool Rizal bag (plus it's 10% off!) Ryan and I went to National bookstore to look for good books and I found something, no, someone better! Paolo Abrera!!! Ryan was really pushing me to get a picture of him atleast, but I chickened out since he's with his family (his wife is Suzy) so I ended up gushing and following him around. Haay, super cute! I found Details by the way, but I didn't like any of the shoes they had that day. So we went elsewhere instead.

After some few hours of walking around, Ryan saw the passage way to Rockwell's mini chapel. And saw one of the most beautiful chapels I've ever seen.

sorry 'bout the camphone photo!
So nice! Ryan and I took time looking around the chapel and sat at awe. He took some photos with his lomocam (when he gets them processed, hopefully I'll get a copy!) It's just so nice there. I told him that the chapel's so beautiful, I'm thinking of closing down Rockwell and have my wedding there. Haha, silly idea.

After eating at Mcdonald's (because it's not everyday that you get to sit at a couch in a fastfood!), we went out and went to Ateneo Professional School, pseudo- applying. And the place is as good as the ones in the photo. But Ryan and I went to the topmost floor and looked at the Makati skyline (boohoo! forgot to take photo!) The view is awesome. You can see the Ayala buildings and the BGC towers! After that we went to the garden to take some rest.

The APS Visitor's ID! I am the only one who had it since Ryan can't find his ID! haha
It was really tiring, but I had fun. Plus I learned something from Ryan. Sometimes, we pay for the ambiance. Hehe :) Next stop, boxing!!!


Anonymous said...

hi angelique! sorry i was not able to give you the directions going to rockwell, it's a nice place isn't it? hehe :)

Angelique FP said...

yup! but it's so hard to go there! haha! :)